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Have you earned college credit elsewhere and want to take courses at WCC?  Do you want to get a degree or certificate with us?

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If you want to earn a degree from WCC, we make it easy for you to transfer your credit from college-level courses completed at other colleges or universities. Here are some important things to know:

  • Transfer credit must be from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Courses with a grade of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale will be accepted in transfer.
  • Courses with a grade of "Pass" may be accepted in transfer only if it can be documented that "Pass" represents competency at a 2.0.
  • Remedial or developmental courses are not considered college level and do not transfer.

Don’t have your transcript? Don’t worry, we make it easy: just send us an unofficial transcript so that we can ensure that you have met any prerequisites for the classes you are taking.

Your official transcript

WCC considers your transcript official if it is:

  • sent electronically from your home institution or service that they use, or
  • mailed directly to the WCC Student Records Office from the issuing institution, or
  • in a sealed envelope from your issuing institution.

If the official transcript is sent to you in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution, do not open it.  Bring or mail the sealed envelope to the Student Records Office.

Mail all official transcripts to:

Washtenaw Community College
Student Records
4800 East Huron River Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48105-4800

All transcripts submitted to WCC for evaluation become the property of WCC. You will receive notification once the evaluation is completed.

Please note:

  • We will only evaluate official transcripts for transfer credit (transcripts that have appropriate signatures and/or official college seals).
  • Credits that appear on an incoming transcript will be considered for transfer only if they represent coursework that was completed at the transcript's issuing institution.
  • If coursework was completed at several institutions, an official transcript must be received from each institution.

When we receive your official transcript from a regionally accredited college or university, you may receive credit for:

  • Course levels 100 or higher where you earned a grade of 2.0 or higher in your major or program of study,
  • In some cases, higher-level course credits are provided if it corresponds to a specific program at WCC,
  • Course is directly comparable to a WCC course,
  • Courses which are not directly comparable with a WCC course may be posted as an elective in the appropriate discipline.

Transfer Equivalencies

The Michigan Transfer Network (MTN) allows students to view transfer course equivalencies with other participating Michigan colleges and universities. Visit MTN to see how your classes transfer to WCC. If your school and/or course equivalencies are not listed, please contact us at for assistance.

Credits earned at foreign institutions

You can convert your foreign education credentials (grades, educational experiences, and levels of study) to equivalent credit in the United States.

To start this process, contact one of the members of National Association of Credential Evaluation Services, Inc. (NACES) and request a course-specific evaluation. When WCC receives a NACES evaluation report, the Student Records Office will compare it to the course requirements for the program indicated on your application. If WCC grants credit based on this report, it will become part of your transcript at WCC.

Prior Learning

If you are a student with previous education, or skills from training or work experience, you may be eligible to receive credit through testing, portfolio review, or other means. Learn more about getting prior learning credit.