Create an Apprenticeship

Employers in the skilled trades sector are facing challenges with talent shortages and skill gaps. Registered Apprenticeship is a proven solution for recruiting, training and retaining skilled trades talent.

We are committed to helping bridge the skilled trades gap to assure a workforce that is job ready.  By collaborating with business and industry we are able to develop relevant instruction that meets their needs today and into the future.

Why apprenticeship?

  • Creates a stable and reliable pipeline of qualified workers
  • Fosters a safer workplace from safety training
  • Increases employee retention
  • Provides training that meets industry standards and specific needs of companies
  • Transfers knowledge from mentor to apprentice through on-the-job-training

How can we help?

The Office of Apprenticeship at WCC can help:

  • Determine if an apprenticeship program can help solve your staffing needs.
  • Align WCC courses to fit your skill set requirements.
  • Support you through the creation and delivery of your apprenticeship program.

Why WCC for apprenticeships?

  • Three national trade unions – United Association, Ironworkers and Plasterers and Masons - hold their train-the-trainer programs at WCC each year.
  • Over 1,400 sprinkler fitters take online classes from WCC each year.
  • The USDOL Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, has visited campus in support of the unions and the good work being done by WCC in partnership with them.
  • WCC’s Ironworkers pre-apprenticeship program introduces students to the skills needed to be an Ironworker across the United States and Canada. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible for advanced standing in the Ironworker Local Union Apprenticeship Training Program.
  • WCC has been recognized by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL) with a special status of Leader - Leaders of Excellence in Apprenticeship, Development, Education, and Research.
  • The 15,500-square-foot Great Lakes Regional Training Center on the WCC campus hosts year-round courses and serves as the hub of the union’s distance learning operation.
  • There are currently 68 active apprentices taking instruction at WCC.
  • WCC works with 25 local companies to support apprenticeship programs.