There is free money to help you pay for school! Students from all walks of life can qualify for a scholarship at WCC. Some scholarships require financial need, some are based on merit, and some combine both criteria. We also offer scholarships for students with disabilities.

The deadlines vary, so plan ahead and begin your search early!

WCC scholarships

WCC Foundation

We give more than 1000 scholarships away every year to incoming or current students, based on a combination of financial need and merit. Find out more about WCC Foundation Scholarships.

High School Honors

Available to graduating high school students:

  • President’s Honor Scholarship
  • Procassini Honor Scholarship
  • Excellence Scholarship

Deadlines vary. Find out more about High School Honors Scholarships.


STEM Scholars Program

The WCC STEM Scholars Program was created to encourage, support and facilitate success for students interested in STEM careers and seeking degrees in STEM disciplines.  Find out more about the STEM Scholars Program.


For current students with:

  • at least 30 credit hours (20 hours if your program is in advanced technologies and public service careers, except for criminal justice)
  • Have at least a 3.3 grade point average
  • Live in Washtenaw County

Apply by May 10. Find out more about Divisional Scholarships.

Student Resource Center

For eligible students from low-income families. Deadlines vary. Find out more about Student Resource Center Scholarships.

WCC Children’s Center

For students registered for classes who need help paying for both on-campus and off-campus child care. Deadlines vary. Find out more about WCC Children’s Center Scholarships.

Morse B. Barker Memorial

For incoming or current students who demonstrate financial need and live in Washtenaw County. Find out more about the Morse B. Barker Scholarship.


For incoming or current students with documented disabilities. Find out more


For students who live in Washtenaw County and are 65 years old on the first day of the semester. Deadlines vary. Learn more about Emeritus Scholarships.

Nonprofit Agency

(for non-degree, non-credit classes only)

If you work for a nonprofit agency in Washtenaw County, you may qualify to take non-credit classes for free! Learn more about Nonprofit Agency Scholarships.

Outside scholarships

Many private organizations and the State of Michigan offer scholarships to students who meet certain criteria. Take a look and see if you qualify!

Community Scholarship Program

For incoming students who meet 2 of 3 criteria: from a low-income family, student of color or first-generation college student. Apply by March 15. Find out more about the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation Community Scholarship.

Michigan Competitive

For students who have financial need, have a high school diploma or GED, and enroll at least half time, among other requirements. Apply by June 10. Find out more about the Michigan Competitive Scholarship.

Rotary Club of Ann Arbor           

For incoming or current students who graduated from any Ann Arbor high school at any time in their life. Apply by June 10. Find out more about Rotary Club Scholarships.